Killing Me Softly

senor frogs 3
Top – Toby, Me, Shadow
Middle, Chrissy D and someone help me here
Bottom: Whiskey sister Lisa, Renda, Gina, Whiskey Sister Lara in the background, Whiskey Sister Colleen in front, Tina and Whiskey Sister Rachel on the end.
It’s amazing how a song can bring you back.
The Fugee’s Killing Me Softly came on the radio the other day and immediately brought me back to what I now consider to be some of the funnest, most fancy free days of my life.
Senor Frogs 1
(My bar back, Nick, me and DJ)
The Fugee’s hit would play every night or several times a night when I bartended at Senor Frogs with a group of the coolest, funniest, craziest and most supportive group of people I know.
As soon as the first notes came on, we’d all start to sway.
Then, we’d all sing.
We were all Lauryn Hill;
“There he was this young boy
Stranger to my eyes
Strumming my pain with his fingers.”
We’d put our index finger in the air and point “One time, One time”
Then two fingers went up  “Two times, two times”
Senor Frogs 4
I know I’m forgetting a ton of names but there was Cheryl (pictured above), the Whiskey Sisters (Rachel and Lisa), Chrissy D and all the other fantastic people we worked with; Gina, Andrea, Monique, Shadow, Barry, Jason, Hamish, Toby, DJ, Erik and Nick
my bar back who I worry to this day that I scarred for life.
((More about that in a future blog))
We had our whole lives in front of us.
But here’s the catch….
We didn’t think so at the time.
Sure we were crazy and drank too much and left our bars for way to long to go hit the dance floor.  Mayhem would break out regularly after a staff member would ambush a bartender or bar back with a can of whip cream.  It was nuts. You’d have thought we worked at a greek restaurant with all the glasses that were getting smashed. I won’t get into the story about driving golf balls off the asphalt parking lot of at 3 a.m. into downtown Edmonton.  I think it was my worm-burner we watched roll, almost in slow motion, across Jasper Avenue, then softly hit the curb on the other side,  pop up and just tap the lower pane glass of the phone booth in front of Earl’s just enough to shatter it. Our bar backs and helpers couldn’t have been more than 16 years of age and they would just look at us in shock and amazement at our antics. “You wouldn’t believe what the girls did last night.” They’d retell the shenanigans to others that may not have been working the night before.  We had so much fun we laughed till our stomachs hurt and tears streamed down our face.
senor frogs 2
(Chrissy D and our young helpers Jay and Erik and I think that’s Chrissy’s brother)
We thought those times would never end.
But we also thought our problems wouldn’t either.
And we were such drama queens about it.
I’m talking Melodramatic Drama Queens
“Killing me softly with his song”
“Singing my life with his words”
We thought we’d never get over that guy who broke our heart.
We thought we were overweight, not pretty, unlovable.
Now looking back we’d all kill to to be that size again.  To fit into those high waisted denim short shorts?
Are you kidding me??
And shit, we were hot!
Here’s the real crime.
We didn’t learn the lesson.
Of course we got over over the guy.
Of course, we got a better job.
Of course, we forgave our friend that pissed us off.
We’ve learned over and over again …in life, it all works out.
Yet, today, we still worry like we did back then.
Some of us live in “Never, Never Land”
(Never going to work out, never going to get over him, never going to get that job)
We still act like our problems are insurmountable.
Give yo head a shake, Girl!
The past has shown us it’s always going to turn out. And there’s always better stuff in store for us.
Go forth in confidence.
Be present.
Live in the moment.
Be grateful for all the moments.
We may be looking back in 20 years thinking today was the best times of our lives.
We better not be because I want you to feel like you can always live your life with laughter and fun.
It’s all up to us.
To create the good times, to keep creating memories.
To feel like even better times are coming.
All together now…
“One time, One time”
-Bucket List Divas


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