Aerial Yoga – an 80 year old made me do it!

Guess who tried aerial yoga ?

My gym, The Village at DC Ranch, is offering free classes to introduce people to it.

They had me at free.

I tell you, what a fun, challenging an rewarding experience.

My Pilates teacher Dawn taught this class and she really does an excellent job.  She explains everything clearly, makes sure you’re safe and tells you exactly what you’re working.

You start off with a lot of slow stretching which warms the muscles up.  The silk is used to assist you in the stretching and really helps get you into a deeper stretch.

Lord knows I don’t stretch enough.  I love lifting weights, hiking, but stretching…not so much.

So this was exactly what I need.

I’m not gonna lie….I was scared. You are doing some crazy stuff on a piece of silk hanging a few feet in the air. One wrong move and you are definitely doing some damage.

I was starting to think I should sit some of these things out …then my teacher Dawn pointed out Ivan in the class.

Then she said “He’s 80.”

“How old?” I said, because I don’t think I heard her correctly.

She confirmed, 80!!

Here he is, isn’t he cute?


(Ivan who’s 80!!!)

I look over and here’s Ivan flipping on the silk, doing inversions, hanging upside down…..
Well I wasn’t going to let Ivan show me up.😉 How kickass is he?

Thanks for your inspiration today Ivan! I wouldn’t have done it without you!


Here is my favorite part!  Laying in the silk and rocking.  My favorite part of yoga has always been Savasana ( the part where you close your eyes and relax and not move) but this takes the cake!

I also requested we just do an hour of this.

 It’s really a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. I definitely am proud of myself for the things I accomplished in this class and I hope you try this soon.

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