Cavalia – Odysseo


As I soaked in these amazing creatures and performers, I realized just how important the arts are during times like these.  With news story after news story telling us about people harming people, seeing something so beautifully created and executed really brings your faith back into humanity.

I sat in awe watching Cavalia’s Odyseeo.

Then the guy behind me started kicking the back of  my chair.

To the beat of the incredible music.

And we’re back.

That faith restored may have been brief.

Well this post is not about educating people about proper etiquette in public situations, but believe me, I could make the case of how people that wonder how world wars occur are the same ones that can’t even say hello when they pass you on a hiking trail. (See how not be an a$$%#@* while hiking in the Valley.)

But this post is to focus on this incredible production of Cavalia’s Odysseo that puts your faith back into people at least for a little while and makes you forget for a few hours about the turmoil going in in the world.


(No special filter was used taking this photo of Gayle Bass and her co workers at :Right This Minute.” It was a dirty lense.)

You just wonder how someone could even imagine such performances let alone actually create it.

Odysseo is the current production of Cavalia – which is an entertainment company out of Quebec, Canada that specializes in equestrian and acrobatic techniques. It was founded ion 2003 by Normand Latourelle in Montreal, Quebec. Wikipedia informs me that this performance is often compared to Cirque de Soleil  and that Latourelle was one of the original founders of Cirque.  Odysseo has been touring since 2011 and is an entirely separate entity.

I googled more information on Cavalia is a fabricated word, inspired by the Spanish and French words for horse (caballo and cheval) and the French and English word cavalier.

It’s nothing short of amazing, inspiring and moved me to tears.

And with my faith restored, I drove home and didn’t mind as much when someone cut me off on the way out of the parking lot.

And we’re back.

It’s progress.

Thank you Gayle Bass for bringing me.  Louis loved it as well.  Below is a photo of Louis, Gayle and her co-workers from Right This Minute.



Here is some of the artwork you see as you’re walking to your seats.

I was thisclose to pulling out my credit card to buy either of these gorgeous pieces, but I had to remind myself that I’m going to Sicily, Italy.

The show runs in Scottsdale from February 21, 2018 for two weeks.

You can get your tickets here.

For those of you in the rest of the country, check for a show coming near you.

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