Joya Spa at the Montelucia

JOYA SPA 3Yes, we know it’s now the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia but it will always just be the Montelucia to us.

What’s wonderful about all the five star resorts in the Valley, is how they are all a different theme.  Sanctuary is Asian inspired, Camelback Inn is Southwestern, and when you go to the Royal Palms you feel like you’re in Tuscany.

It’s a great way to spend the day as with any treatment you purchase, you can stay as long as you want an enjoy their facilities.

Well the Joya Spa is all Morocco from the treatments to the rituals to the interior design. It is gorgeous and opulent.  My enjoyment from my spa experiences not only come in the form of the  treatments but the environment in which they are done. The relaxation rooms and how they are decorated are really important. And the Joya spa doesn’t disapoint, it actually sets the bar.  It’s pure pleasure for the body as well as the senses.

The staff is welcoming and warm and you really start getting pampered from the moment you open up its gorgeous doors.

As you begin the entrance into the spa you pick as stone to set your intention for the day.I love that! I like a little spirituality and what I lovingly describe as “woo-woo” in my treatments.

Here’s what I learned about the stones and thought I’d share.

Tiger’s Eye – clarity , focus, grounding , protection

Sodalite – intuition, truth, meditation, calm

Aventurine – prosperity, career steadiness, protection

Rose Quartz – heart, love, healing, purity

Amethyst – spirt, balance, peace, transformation


You continue down a beautiful hallway decorated with morroccan furniture and come to this beautiful clear crystal imported from Brazil that is said to clear negative energy.


In you go to change and get ready for your treatment.  You can use one of the many amenities, hot tub, steam room, sleeping room with the most comfortable beds you could ever imagine.


The relaxation room where you go  to wait for them to bring you back to the treatment rooms is lovely.  Burgundy  comfy sofas with indian rugs is simply gorgeous.

Off you’re taken to your treatment room and darn it! if I can’t remember the name of the gorgeous charm on the door that brings you good luck. Some one help me out if you know. It’s been bothering me to the point I’m just going to call them and ask.

The treatments are amazing.  Order one of everything!  Not only are the therapists very knowledgeable but very caring and friendly.  We just turned into puddin’.

Joya spa 7

Then it was off to enjoy lunch and the spa pool. Just look at these views.

If you’re a local, watch for fantastic specials.

Make sure you sign up for the Joy Spa emails to take advantage.

Here is their website. 



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