Sicily Is Calling

We’re not sure if you saw the video…


But we’re going to Sicily….Not Mexico.

And we’re partnering with A Girl’s Gotta Go and want YOU to come too.

So you can listen to us bicker in person.

So here’s the dealio…

sicily photo 1


Doesn’t that look freaking amazing????

Your 10-day tour of Sicily is packed with architectural treasures that have withstood the ages. You’ll begin your tour with guided sightseeing in Palermo’s ornate city of piazzas, markets, and churches.

You’ll relish the baroque style of the city’s historic sites, and savor authentic Sicilian culinary specialties that have been handed down for generations. From panelle, arancini, and cannoli – to almond biscuits and Marsala wines – your escorted tour of Sicily is an epicurean’s dream when it comes to cuisine. You’ll also be treated to a tasting at Sicily’s oldest chocolate factory.

As you tour the perimeter of the beautiful island of Sicily, you’ll also enjoy a cruise to the small island of Motya for a museum tour, as well as escorted tours through Sicily’s centuries-old UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the elaborate Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina.

From palaces to churches, you’ll encounter ancient works of art, architecture, and archaeological treasures. You’ll visit the Valley of the Temples with its Greek structures that have endured 24 centuries, the iconic St. George Cathedral and Ibla district of Ragusa, and the adorned tiled Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone.

You’ll travel to Syracuse – birthplace of mathematician Archimedes – for a guided sightseeing tour that includes the 5th-century-BC Greek theater. You’ll also enjoy seeing the Church of Santa Lucia – filming location of Michael Corleone’s wedding scene in The Godfather – then relaxing with a granita and brioche at a local bar.

Your Sicily tour package concludes on the beautiful Taormina Riviera with an opportunity to visit Mount Etna – Europe’s largest active volcano. A sumptuous meal will put the finishing touch on your beautiful Italy tour of the ancient island of Sicily – with new memories to cherish for years to come.

Exclusive Group by A Girl’s Gotta Go
Land only $2,184 per person double occupancy.**
Group Air on Lufthansa from Boston leaving May 26, 2018 is $1359.00 per person.

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Palermo to Taormina Riviera | 10 Days | May 27th- June 5th, 2018

Your Sicilian Tour Includes:

  • Motorcoach; boat cruise.
  • Free wi-fi available on your motorcoach and in most hotel lobbies
  • Full breakfast daily
  • One special lunch in Palermo
  • 6 three-course dinners with wine; including a welcome dinner in Palermo, special dinners in Marsala and Modica, and a farewell dinner in Taormina

sicily tour map

City | Activity

Palermo | Welcome dinner; guided sightseeing, visit the cathedral and the Norman cathedral in Monreale; lunch at Focacceria San Francesco
Erice |Visit the hilltop town and try the famous almond biscuits and Marsala wine

Motya | Boat cruise; visit museum

Marsala | Visit a salt mill; dinner at a local restaurant

Sciacca |Take pictures from the panoramic viewpoint

Agrigento |Guided walking tour of the Valley of Temples

Piazza Armerina |Guided visit of the Villa Romana del Casale

Caltagirone |See the famous Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte
Ragusa |Guided walking tour of the Ibla district, visit St. George Cathedral

Modica | Chocolate tasting at the famous Dolceria Bonajuto; dinner at a local restaurant
Noto | Guided walking tour, visit San Nicolò Cathedral
Syracuse | Guided visit of the archaeological site

Catania | See St. Agata Cathedral, Piazza Duomo, and Via Etnea
Savoca |See the Church of Santa Lucia; taste granita and brioche at Bar Vitelli
Taormina |Orientation, visit the Greek theater; farewell dinner at a local restaurant


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Phoenix Police Citizen Academy

If you ever want an incredible experience full of adventure, we encourage you to enroll in the Phoenix Police Citizen Academy.  Not only do you learn all about the police department which is nothing short of fascinating, but you go through part of their training.  Diva Diane and Diva Lisa took part in media today and got to experience the tactical village.

Contact Phoenix Police Sergeant Joel Leavitt for upcoming classes and to get an application. They are holding at least six academies a year. It’s one night a week for six weeks.


6 Things To Keep You From Being An A$$H&^% Hiking In The Valley



I try to react like Ghandi when people break the hiking rules posted at every trailhead in the Phoenix metro area. I really do.

“Let it go….”

“Be the bigger person.”

“Don’t let it bother you.”

I mean, I’m a rule breaker myself on certain things. But I’ve learned I break rules on things that don’t affect other people. I guess I don’t sound flexible.

I am!  I let stuff slide.

I say nothing when people go off the trail, trampling over all the fragile desert fauna to get that great picture when the sign specifically says “stay on the trail. I bite my tongue. People bring dogs on the trail when they’re not allowed and let them poop and leave it.

Not a peep.

I used to let that stuff go.

It only took one more runner to knock into me and then smear her sweaty shoulder across my face while trying to squeeze by.

“F%$% that.”

Because you know what? Sometimes  “turning the other cheek” is really “enabling” the behavior.

So I’ve started speaking up.

“Really embarrasing.” as my one friend described.

One said “Maybe they don’t know.”

I say they’re jerks.  She says they’re “unaware.”

To me, being “unaware” isn’t an excuse for jerkish behavior. Both selfish as far as I’m concerned. And if you’re unaware, how about I make you aware? Win-Win right?

First a bit about hiking in the Valley.

I love it!!  A lot of people love it. It’s unwind, mediation, me time.  The  quiet time to think, the breath taking  scenery, the breath taking exercise….it’s my happy place. No matter what problems I have when I go up that mountain,  they are not as bad when I come down.  I really wish, from the bottom of my heart, that you try it.  Hiking trails are peppered throughout the Phoenix metro area.  The best part ….it’s FREE.  Free!!!!  In other states, people drive for miles to go for a hike and pay to get into the park.  Other places it’s snowing and freezing and they’d kill to be able to go for a hike at any time of the day and drive less than 30 minutes to get to a trail. Are you kidding me???  Why aren’t we out there right now?!

Here are some things  to be “aware” of


The Rules:

  1. PLEASE WEAR EARBUDS –   People are now starting to wear backpacks with speakers in them playing their music.  Here’s what I need to tell you. We don’t like your music.  Even if we did, we like the quiet, serene, picturesque, peaceful experience we drove here for. These are the same people who pull up to a stop light with the windows rolled down and the music blaring or the base so loud the whole block reverberates. Hey I know you feel cool, but you look like an idiot. Trust me.
  2. HIKERS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY –  Runners, I’m talking to you.  There’s nothing more irritating to be in your place of zen and a runner runs up behind you and screams “On your Left.”  I hear “left” and so I step left. (This is not how the girl runner ended up smearing her sweat across my face). Yes, it’s proper etiquette to say “On Your Left.” Not scream it. How about a nice “Hi” or quiet “Excuse me?”   There’s this one guy, who wants you to stop, move over and let him run by so it doesn’t break his tempo.  So he bellows “ON YOUR LEFT” from 100 yards away. Bellows. Screw you! I say!!! Quietly….with my inside voice…okay just in my mind.  I haven’t stopped enabling him yet because he’s a little scary.  Runners yield to hikers, so if the trail gets tight, it’s not about your run anymore.  Slow down or stop and don’t expect anyone to move out of your way.
  3. STAY TO THE RIGHT –  It’s just like driving a car.  Let me clarify.  It’s just like driving a car in North America.
  4. UPHILL HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY – Always. If you’re coming down hill in a narrow trail, you let them go first.
  5. STAY SINGLE FILE IF IT’S CROWDED – Love hiking with my friends. When I do, if someone is coming, I move to walk behind my friend, in single file, so there’s enough room for people on each side of the trail. Then when it’s clear, feel free to move back up beside your friend.
  6. ACKNOWLEDGE THE PERSON YOU WALK BY – People wonder why the world can’t get along and it’s the same people that don’t say anything when they pass another hiker.  Let me paint the picture….a person is behind you, they walk up beside you , they are beside you for a good 10-20 seconds (that’s a looooong time) and then walk ahead of you.  They say nothing. Not a peep. HELLO, you’re walking past a fellow human being. Were you born in a barn?! We are the friendly Southwest, dammit. Okay, Okay…I got it….maybe they didn’t know.

Well now you know about this little effort to help improve everyone’s hiking experience.

While I continue to struggle with walking the fine line between reaching for my inner Mother Theresa and not being an enabler, I hope you get a chance to get out there and experience these incredible trails we are so lucky to have here.







Killing Me Softly

senor frogs 3
Top – Toby, Me, Shadow
Middle, Chrissy D and someone help me here
Bottom: Whiskey sister Lisa, Renda, Gina, Whiskey Sister Lara in the background, Whiskey Sister Colleen in front, Tina and Whiskey Sister Rachel on the end.
It’s amazing how a song can bring you back.
The Fugee’s Killing Me Softly came on the radio the other day and immediately brought me back to what I now consider to be some of the funnest, most fancy free days of my life.
Senor Frogs 1
(My bar back, Nick, me and DJ)
The Fugee’s hit would play every night or several times a night when I bartended at Senor Frogs with a group of the coolest, funniest, craziest and most supportive group of people I know.
As soon as the first notes came on, we’d all start to sway.
Then, we’d all sing.
We were all Lauryn Hill;
“There he was this young boy
Stranger to my eyes
Strumming my pain with his fingers.”
We’d put our index finger in the air and point “One time, One time”
Then two fingers went up  “Two times, two times”
Senor Frogs 4
I know I’m forgetting a ton of names but there was Cheryl (pictured above), the Whiskey Sisters (Rachel and Lisa), Chrissy D and all the other fantastic people we worked with; Gina, Andrea, Monique, Shadow, Barry, Jason, Hamish, Toby, DJ, Erik and Nick
my bar back who I worry to this day that I scarred for life.
((More about that in a future blog))
We had our whole lives in front of us.
But here’s the catch….
We didn’t think so at the time.
Sure we were crazy and drank too much and left our bars for way to long to go hit the dance floor.  Mayhem would break out regularly after a staff member would ambush a bartender or bar back with a can of whip cream.  It was nuts. You’d have thought we worked at a greek restaurant with all the glasses that were getting smashed. I won’t get into the story about driving golf balls off the asphalt parking lot of at 3 a.m. into downtown Edmonton.  I think it was my worm-burner we watched roll, almost in slow motion, across Jasper Avenue, then softly hit the curb on the other side,  pop up and just tap the lower pane glass of the phone booth in front of Earl’s just enough to shatter it. Our bar backs and helpers couldn’t have been more than 16 years of age and they would just look at us in shock and amazement at our antics. “You wouldn’t believe what the girls did last night.” They’d retell the shenanigans to others that may not have been working the night before.  We had so much fun we laughed till our stomachs hurt and tears streamed down our face.
senor frogs 2
(Chrissy D and our young helpers Jay and Erik and I think that’s Chrissy’s brother)
We thought those times would never end.
But we also thought our problems wouldn’t either.
And we were such drama queens about it.
I’m talking Melodramatic Drama Queens
“Killing me softly with his song”
“Singing my life with his words”
We thought we’d never get over that guy who broke our heart.
We thought we were overweight, not pretty, unlovable.
Now looking back we’d all kill to to be that size again.  To fit into those high waisted denim short shorts?
Are you kidding me??
And shit, we were hot!
Here’s the real crime.
We didn’t learn the lesson.
Of course we got over over the guy.
Of course, we got a better job.
Of course, we forgave our friend that pissed us off.
We’ve learned over and over again …in life, it all works out.
Yet, today, we still worry like we did back then.
Some of us live in “Never, Never Land”
(Never going to work out, never going to get over him, never going to get that job)
We still act like our problems are insurmountable.
Give yo head a shake, Girl!
The past has shown us it’s always going to turn out. And there’s always better stuff in store for us.
Go forth in confidence.
Be present.
Live in the moment.
Be grateful for all the moments.
We may be looking back in 20 years thinking today was the best times of our lives.
We better not be because I want you to feel like you can always live your life with laughter and fun.
It’s all up to us.
To create the good times, to keep creating memories.
To feel like even better times are coming.
All together now…
“One time, One time”
-Bucket List Divas



New Year, New Adventure

12 new chapters

Saw this great quote this first day of January from my dear friend Jamise; “12 New Chapters, 365 New Chances.”

Love it. It’s a big day. Not only the first day of the year, but….

Bucket List Divas launched today.

Were we ready?


Were we on time?

Not really.

Do we know what we’re doing?

Haven’t got a clue.

But just like life, we’re diving in anyway.

So how did this adventure start? Well…with women going through big life changes realizing we have to start over. We have to rebuild. We have to start over, we have to rebuild and we’re tired.

We’re not spring chickens.

We’ve been through some shit.  Look we’re even putting two spaces between sentences so that should give away our age. We’re trying to keep up with today’s society that’s really not geared for “women of a particular age.”

Maybe you’re the woman who’s kids left for college and you realized you’ve put every waking moment into the lives of your children. What the f&%$ are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Maybe you’ve gone through a split and your married friends think you’re contagious and they stay away for fear your divorce-itis may spread?

Maybe you’ve been dumped for the umpteenth time while your friends are now turning into grandparents and you haven’t even gotten past the dating stage but AARP is already sending you crap in the mail? WTF happened?

Maybe you want to go have some fun and adventure and you call your friends and you get so many “no” answers that you wish there was a 1-800-Dial-a-pal?

Whatever the case, we’ve got the rest of our lives to live and maybe…just maybe… it’s time to start having some fun while we’re doing this re-building.  It’s not about “getting your life back,” it’s about creating one.  Even better than before.

And the fun is not going to come knockin’ on our doorstep …so we’re making it ourselves.

We’re going to be trying out life.  We’re going to be sampling different experiences, local events, restaurants, spas, sports, travel and so much more in hopes it inspires, it motivates, it makes you want to come adventure with us.

We got your back Girl!

Thanks for joining us on this Adventure

-Bucket List Divas